Top 3 Hugo and Nebula award winning Authors



The Hugo Awards are a set of awards given annually for the best science fiction or fantasy works and achievements of the previous year. The awards are named after Hugo Gernsback, the founder of the pioneering science fiction magazine Amazing Stories.

The Nebula Awards are voted on, and presented by, active members of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. Since 1965, the Nebula Awards have been given each year for eligible novels published in the United States during the two previous years.

Given below is the list of writers who won Hugo awards and Nebula Awards:

  1. Heinlein, Robert A. :  Robert Anson Heinlein was an American novelist and science fiction writer. He is often termed as  “ the dean of the science fiction writers.” Robert Heinlein one of the most popular, influential and controversial authors of hard hitting science fiction. His writing sets high standards  for science fiction  and helped  to raise the genre’s standard of literary quality.  Robert Heinlein was the first science fiction writer who got into mainstream magazines like “ The Saturday Evening Post.” He was also among the authors  of best selling, novel length science fiction in the modern marketing era.
  2.  Alfred Bester :   Though Alfred Bester did not write many books but the stuff he wrote back in 50s  earned him a great name in the field of science fiction genre. His work was so enjoyable and ground breaking that his influence can still be traced in many great works of science fiction work. “The Demolished Man” and “Tiger! Tiger!” are both tour-de-force masterpieces, and his short stories are great examples of fast-paced & intelligent entertainment.
  3.   Fritz Leiber:  Fritz Leiber was one of the more interesting of the young authors who came into HP Lovecraft’s orbit, and some of his best early short fiction is horror rather than science fiction or fantasy. He got into mature writing in the first of the sword-and-sorcery adventures featuring the large sensitive barbarian Fafhrd and the small street-smarts Gray Mouser. He wrote many books of the series  in his career, using it sometimes for farce and sometimes for gloomy mood pieces.


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Top 3 Humorous Science fiction books:



ImageScience fiction deals with imagination. Reading science fiction will make a person more innovate and will help to make new innovations. By reading science fiction books it moves to the future or it takes us to the past . There is an ocean of  subgenres and themes in science fiction. If science fiction sounds to be like a serious adventure then yes it is. Apart from serious adventure there are many books which prove to be humorous and adventurous. If not read them, here is a short list which includes best award winning science fiction books.

List :

  1. Doctor Rat:

Doctor Rat is a book written by William Kotwinkle. This book won the World Fantasy award in 1977.Here the doctor rat is called a Mad Doctor. The novel puts a lot of emphasis on laboratory experiments. He talks about horrific experiments which take place on animals. London times , The New York Times have given this book a great feedback.

  1. Double Star:

The author of Double Star is Robert A Heinlein. This book won The Hugo award during 1956. This novel is a fun. Though it is an old science fiction it is an evergreen one. This is a novel which goes deep into the philosophy and identity of human beings. This Novel makes us to think through strange facts.

  1. Thraxas:

Author Martin Scoot won world fantasy award in 2000.The setting of the story is totally different and unique. It takes place in the middle of the earth .Thraxas is a sword man and a fighter. He also has certain magical abilities. Thraxas is a series which includes 9 of them. The First series was published on 1999.The recent series is just released.


Science fiction is always one of the best entertaining sources. Science fiction always gives us an exposure  which makes us think what we cannot think of.


Hugo, Nebula, World Fantasy Awards

Science fiction has a long list of awards. The awards are given to authors, illustrators and editors. Few major international awards are Hugo , Nebula, Locus, BSFA, Seiun , World fantasy awards and the list goes on. From all of the awards Hugo , Nebula and World fantasy are the most admired awards for science fiction authors.

Hugo awards:

This award is named after Hugo Gernsback. This award is given for the best work in science fiction and fantasy . During 1953, the first award was given to Alfred Bester . This took place at the 11th  World Science Fiction Convention.

Hugo awards are categorized as :Image

  1. Best Novel
  2. Best Novella
  3. Best Novelette
  4. Best Short Story
  5. Best Related Work
  6. Best Graphic Story
  7. Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form / Short Form
  8. Best editor, Long Form/short Form
  9. Best professional artists
  10. Best Semiprozine
  11. Best Fanzine
  12. Best Fancast
  13. Best Fan Writer
  14. Best Fan Artists

Nebula Awards:

Nebula award is given by SFWA (Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America). This award is given to the authors of science fiction and fantasy in the United States. The first award was given in 1966.

Here is the category of nebula award:Image

  1. Novel
  2. Novella
  3. Novelette
  4. Short Story
  5. Ray Bradbury Award for Outstanding Dramatic Presentation
  6. Norton Award for Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy

World Fantasy Awards :

This award is given to authors and artists for their great achievements in fantasy. The first award was given in 1975. This winner is chosen by the panel of judges which changes every year.

Here is the category of World fantasy Award :Image

  1. Life Achievement Winners
  2. Novel
  3. Novella
  4. Short story
  5. Anthology
  6. Collection
  7. Artists
  8. Special award  – Professionals
  9. Special award – Non Professionals

This is a short summary about the categories of awards.