Top 3 Humorous Science fiction books:



ImageScience fiction deals with imagination. Reading science fiction will make a person more innovate and will help to make new innovations. By reading science fiction books it moves to the future or it takes us to the past . There is an ocean of  subgenres and themes in science fiction. If science fiction sounds to be like a serious adventure then yes it is. Apart from serious adventure there are many books which prove to be humorous and adventurous. If not read them, here is a short list which includes best award winning science fiction books.

List :

  1. Doctor Rat:

Doctor Rat is a book written by William Kotwinkle. This book won the World Fantasy award in 1977.Here the doctor rat is called a Mad Doctor. The novel puts a lot of emphasis on laboratory experiments. He talks about horrific experiments which take place on animals. London times , The New York Times have given this book a great feedback.

  1. Double Star:

The author of Double Star is Robert A Heinlein. This book won The Hugo award during 1956. This novel is a fun. Though it is an old science fiction it is an evergreen one. This is a novel which goes deep into the philosophy and identity of human beings. This Novel makes us to think through strange facts.

  1. Thraxas:

Author Martin Scoot won world fantasy award in 2000.The setting of the story is totally different and unique. It takes place in the middle of the earth .Thraxas is a sword man and a fighter. He also has certain magical abilities. Thraxas is a series which includes 9 of them. The First series was published on 1999.The recent series is just released.


Science fiction is always one of the best entertaining sources. Science fiction always gives us an exposure  which makes us think what we cannot think of.



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