Hugo, Nebula, World Fantasy Awards

Science fiction has a long list of awards. The awards are given to authors, illustrators and editors. Few major international awards are Hugo , Nebula, Locus, BSFA, Seiun , World fantasy awards and the list goes on. From all of the awards Hugo , Nebula and World fantasy are the most admired awards for science fiction authors.

Hugo awards:

This award is named after Hugo Gernsback. This award is given for the best work in science fiction and fantasy . During 1953, the first award was given to Alfred Bester . This took place at the 11th  World Science Fiction Convention.

Hugo awards are categorized as :Image

  1. Best Novel
  2. Best Novella
  3. Best Novelette
  4. Best Short Story
  5. Best Related Work
  6. Best Graphic Story
  7. Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form / Short Form
  8. Best editor, Long Form/short Form
  9. Best professional artists
  10. Best Semiprozine
  11. Best Fanzine
  12. Best Fancast
  13. Best Fan Writer
  14. Best Fan Artists

Nebula Awards:

Nebula award is given by SFWA (Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America). This award is given to the authors of science fiction and fantasy in the United States. The first award was given in 1966.

Here is the category of nebula award:Image

  1. Novel
  2. Novella
  3. Novelette
  4. Short Story
  5. Ray Bradbury Award for Outstanding Dramatic Presentation
  6. Norton Award for Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy

World Fantasy Awards :

This award is given to authors and artists for their great achievements in fantasy. The first award was given in 1975. This winner is chosen by the panel of judges which changes every year.

Here is the category of World fantasy Award :Image

  1. Life Achievement Winners
  2. Novel
  3. Novella
  4. Short story
  5. Anthology
  6. Collection
  7. Artists
  8. Special award  – Professionals
  9. Special award – Non Professionals

This is a short summary about the categories of awards.


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