Two Famous Science fiction Novels

ImageThere is no shortage of science fiction books .Earlier one had to buy a hard copy of the book to read it but now with changing times, the book is right at your fingertips.  The advancement of mobile technology has enabled one to buy and read a book from their mobile phone. There are various Android and iPhone apps available for reading books. All they need to do is to visit the book store online and buy it.


Here is a list of  the two famous science fiction books :

  1. The Fall of Five:  The fall of five is the fourth novel in the New York Times bestselling I Am Number Four series. It is written by Pittacus Lore. Jade Smith- the number 4 thought that things will be back to normal once the grade is  reunited. They would not have to run or hide. They will fight with the Mogadorian and win the war. But he is wrong. When Grade receives a sign  from number 5, they know that they are close to being reunited but this can be a trap. Time is running out for them and they need to get to Five before time runs out. The Grade may have lost battles, but they will not lose this war. Lorien will rise again.
  2. Catching Fire: Catching Fire is the second book in The Hunger Games trilogy written by Suzanne Collins. Suzanne picks up the story where she left it in the last novel. The story continues with the amazing life of Katniss Everdeen. In the first part Katniss Everdeen wins the annual hunger game fellow district tribute Peeta Mellark. But the victory was against the defiance of the Capitol and their rules. Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark  should be happy as they have not only won The Hunger Games but also a life of safety and plenty. However, there are rumors of a rebellion  among the subject  and Katniss and Peeta to their horror are the faces of the rebellion.  The Capitol is angry and wants revenge.

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